Shipping Features


KIKO is determined to offer the best services to its customers and for this reason has partnered with the best carriers, namely DPD.

If you do not have someone permanently in the desired address, PICKUP POINTS prove to be the ideal option for receiving your orders. The PICKUP service consists of a store network managed by DPD, with extensive national coverage, where you can request the delivery of your order. You will receive an SMS as soon as your order is delivered to the PICKUP POINT. Later, you can comfortably pick up your order, within the hours of operation of the point within a maximum period of 15 days from Monday to Friday.

All shipments, regardless of the shipping mode chosen and the shipping supplier, have tracking number.

We do not make deliveries to post office boxes, since it is always necessary a signature of the person who received the packaging

1- KIKO has a free delivery mode for withdrawals from KIKO stores from north to south of the country.

2- KIKO has a free shipping mode for Continental Portugal:
                2.1- On purchases equal to or greater than €30 for deliveries in PICKUP  POINTS 
                        For purchases less than € 30 the cost is € 3
                2.2- On purchases equal to or greater than € 35 for HOME DELIVERIES
                        For purchases less than € 35 the cost is € 5

3- KIKO has a modality of free submissions for Madeira, Azores and European Union:
- on purchases of € 100 or more
- for purchases of less than € 100 the cost is € 15

4- KIKO has a modality of free shipments outside the European Union:
- purchases of € 600 or more
- for purchases of less than € 600 the cost is € 50

Shipments outside the European Union are subject to custom taxation by the customer.

KIKO reserves the right to change and always find the best delivery solution.


Delivery times may vary according to the availability of the product or according to periods of greater volume of deliveries (for example, Christmas).
Orders made and with confirmed payment have shipment up to 72h after payment, except for stock breaks or incomplete address. In the event of a stock break, KIKO will contact the customer, proposing an alternative.
In order to provide the best customer service, we attach great importance to the packaging of the products, so that they can be transported and received without damage. All orders are shipped in well-packaged boxes.

How can I track the order?
All our shipments have tracking numbers, regardless of the carrier. This is a security for the customer and for KIKO as it makes the process more secure and controlled.


KIKO sends products in partnership with the carrier DPD, with CTT and CTT Expresso, varying delivery times according to region.

1-Delivery at home:
Delivery up to 3-5 business days.
2-Collection in shop KIKO:
From 3-5 business days.
3-Pick-up point PICKUP-DPD:
Delivery up to 3-5 working days at a PICKUP-DPD point near you.
4-For the Azores and Madeira:
- Carrier Delivery DPD: 3-5 business days
5-For Spain:
- Carrier Delivery DPD: 3-5 business days
6-For Europe
- Carrier Delivery DPD: 3-7 business days
7-To Rest of the World
- CHRONOPOST DPD: 7-10 business days

Delivery times can be influenced by the service levels of our transport service providers. Compliance with agreed deadlines is above 95%. However, it is subject to possible delays due to weather conditions, airport traffic, postal strikes, etc. Any questions please contact us.

If the order is not delivered within the aforementioned deadlines, KIKO will immediately file a complaint with the carrier.


In case of loss, the insurance of delivery is automatically activated, and the customer has the option of resending the order or returning the total value of the order.

The order is considered lost after the following deadlines:
Portugal-10 working days after shipment.
European Union- 30 working days after dispatch.
Rest of the world- 60 business days after shipment. *

* Upon entry into the Customs, the application deadline is suspended, since KIKO cannot interfere with internal Customs procedures.


The delivery and the delivery period only begins to be considered after confirmation of payment by the Financial Institution, which varies according to the payment method chosen.
All our products are shipped from Portugal. Thus, purchases made outside the European Union may be subject to a customs charge at the entrance of the country of destination. Payment of this tax is the responsibility of the customer.
Your order will be shipped only when all the products you ordered are available, so there are no partial order deliveries.
We do not make deliveries in sections, since a signature of the person who received the package is always necessary.